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Application for member: fbiaacl Empty Application for member: fbiaacl

Post by fbiaacl on Sun May 05, 2013 1:22 am

Minecraft User ID: fbiaacl

Years Minecraftin': bout 2 years

Experience with FTB?: bout 6 months

Favorite FTB Mod? GT/IC2/CC

Preferred Playstyle: Mining/Building.. sometimes in solo sometimes teaming

Favorite Creation: Uh? ehm.. About 4 months ago a girl made a pinguin statue for me cuz my pinguin died.. well my teammate killed it =( .. down the stairs.. I miss you mr. pinguin -.-

Now tell us a bit about yourself outside of Minecraft: I'm a programmer.. Plc programmer.. i'm 24 years old.. I was born in Venezuela, actually living in Italy.. I love video games.. Im pretty good at Warcraft (Shadow priest) both Pve and Pvp..

I hope i can be part of you community, i'll be waiting Smile


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Application for member: fbiaacl Empty Re: Application for member: fbiaacl

Post by runBAMrunfaster on Sun May 05, 2013 2:00 am

Bienvenidos a nuestro servidor! He jugado WoW (Mago de Hielo). Que yo sepa, estoy el solamente persona que hablar espanol, pero esta buen. Podemos hablar en mensajes secretos.

Tambien, mi espanol no esta fantastico. Lo siento para eso.


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