A Call to Arms Against MrSteveC.

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A Call to Arms Against MrSteveC. Empty A Call to Arms Against MrSteveC.

Post by Sugoi on Wed May 29, 2013 12:05 am

Before anyone berates me for airing this publicly, he doesn't seem to be registered on the forums, and I don't really have much to lose at this point anyway.

Okay, so.

As some may be aware, I... Have a pest problem. Three times now, I've lost everything not stored on my person thanks to the acts of a mysterious brazen hooligan. When I lived in the desert, I know it was a user named CoolBlack, an acquaintance of mine - not liking that at all. However, the other two incidents have both occurred outside the time that he was enlisted on the server. After asking around, searching a bit and blowing a large hole in Omega's base out of frustration (whoops!), I've come to the conclusion that Steve must be behind it. He's gotta be the one with my stuff. It's clear the items weren't destroyed; implicitly stolen, as there was no damage to my house.

So, I'm aware he's a rather elusive fellow. He seems to be on mostly in the early mornings EST; I've received reports of him online from 2-4 AM. What I need is info. I need to know where he lives (having searched the overworld and Twilight profusely, I have a hunch he's in the Nether), and info about his base. Does he have a forcefield? Or a surprise room full of turrets waiting for any unwelcome intruders? I can only imagine a thief would have some hard security and/or a good hiding place, and I need to know what it is.

If I'm able to find and infiltrate Steve's base safely, the contributor(s) of the useful information will receive some treasures from the recovered loot and are welcome to come with me and take anything else they come across. I'm in seek and destroy mode, now. Steve, if you're reading this... You fuckin' dead, son. No one messes with me repeatedly and gets away with it.

PM me here, on the server, or just post in this thread with any relevant information, even if you're not 100% sure of it; any potential lead helps as currently I have none.

Thanks for reading and hopefully contributing some info. This is Enk, signing out.

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