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Post by runBAMrunfaster on Tue Mar 12, 2013 2:44 am

By and large, our rules for the Detritus forum are very simple. Most of these are things that should come naturally, but...

1) Racism, sexism, slurs, and general nastiness are not allowed.
Don't care where you're from, what your job is, who you bow to, or what you stick it in (or are stuck by), play nice.

2) Don't discuss anything illegal.
Like...at all. This includes piracy, warez, cracks, keygens, child or animal abuse, and just anything you can conceivably go to jail for. Any threads that break this rule will be purged and participants will be banned, possibly permanently.

3) Don't discuss FTB exploits here either
We have a forum for bug reports and that's here and any discussion about that should happen there. Anyone advocating a bug or exploit on the discussion forum will be assumed to be abusing that bug and promptly investigated by the mods and possibly banned.

4) Stay on target...Stay on target!
Keep the topics on topic. In the Detritus forum that means keep it to Detritus, if it's on the game forum, keep it to games. On the whatever forum...Keep on truckin'. We'll try to move stuff to the proper place if you mispost but if that topic's already been covered in the proper forum, we're just as likely to lock it down and forward everyone to that other relevant discussion.

5) Don't troll me, bro
We here at Detritus are expert troll sniffers and work closely to the internet police to perform backtraces all the livelong day. If what you post seems like it's intentionally inflammatory, we'll mercilessly mock you, delete it, or lock and sticky it for everyone to lol at depending on your level of having been pwnd. We don't put up with none of your bullshit at Detritus *zsnap*

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